How To Spray Tan - Spray Tan Tips For The Best Results

A natural spray tan is the perfect way to achieve an instant, healthy, natural tan without the harmful effects of UV rays. ASYANA spray  tan solution combines the benefits of all natural ingredients including: natural DHA, walnut extract, coconut and macadamia oils, green  tea, grape seen, Vitamin E, chamomile and aloe vera. Whether you decide to self tan with ASYANA spray tanning solution or indulge in a  natural fake tan from one of the spray tan salons in Sydney that stock ASYANA, here we offer you our ASYANA-endorsed spray tan tips on how to spray tan in order to achieve the best fake tan and the ultimate bronze glow. 

1) Set up of spray tanning equipment. 

2) Shake up ASYANA spray tanning solution and pour the tan solution into the base of the spray gun. 

3) Connect the hose into one end of the spray tan gun and the other end of the hose into the machine. 

4) Check the tan gun pressure and amount of tan solution to be sprayed, by testing the tanning solution on a sheet of paper  first.  

5) ASYANA tanning solution provides optimum results for a natural tan when sprayed in a fine mist. 

6) Spray legs and feet first, spray tanning down the leg in separate panels to ensure full coverage. 

7) Starting at the top of the leg spray tan the front of the thigh and continue around the leg until complete coverage is achieved. 

8) Finish with a light, swift pass over feet to ensure a natural fake tan finish. 

9) Ensure to cover any creases with a light spray over buttocks and the inside legs. 

10) Next, spray tan the front of the torso working from the collarbone downwards. Again working in panels to cover the whole  torso area. 

11) Then, spray tan each side of the torso from the armpit down to the hip. 

12) Now, spray the back. Working from the base of the neck down towards the lower back, spray the skin in panels to ensure full  coverage by the tanning solution. 

13) Lightly spray tan the back of the neck. 

14) Now begin spray tanning the arms from the top of the shoulder down to the wrist 

15) Continue this spray tan method for the sides and inside of the arms also. 

16) Hold out hands with fingers spread wide and quickly and lightly spray tan the hands. 

17) Hold arms with the inside skin facing outwards and spray tan from the armpit down to the wrist. 

18) To spray the face, lightly spray the tanning solution from the forehead, over the nose and down to the chin. 

19) Then, turn the face to each side and again, spray tan downwards from the temple to the chin. 

20) Check the body all over and ensure that all areas have been sprayed evenly with the spray tan solution, before allowing the  body to dry. 


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how to spray tan & spray tan tips

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