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Spray tanning has never looked so bronze, so natural and so good.

Are you ready to try a highly endorsed, skin hydrating, and completely natural looking sunless spray tan solution, made using natural ingredients?

Sunless tanning is here to stay. So what if we could show you the best sunless spray tan solutions that you’ve ever seen? What if this spray tanning solution contained such wonderful bronzing and skin nourishing ingredients that made your skin look and feel amazing? What if it did not contain alcohol or paraben preservatives?

ASYANA Natural Sunless Spray Tanning Solutions:

  • Has a natural bronze color guide (made from caramel and food colors) to guide the perfect spray tan application
  • Develops into a beautiful, bronze tan that looks natural Instantly hydrates and conditions your skin
  • Gives you a refreshing and uplifting spray tan experience with its zesty citrus aroma
  • Lasts up to 7 days..& can last 2+ weeks by using ASYANA Tan Extender.