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The ASYANA Natural Sunless Tanning range was created to be a completely natural tan – in ingredients, look and feel.

When the team at ASYANA first started, they found that most products available contained harsh chemicals, offered false promises and had unpleasant effects on your skin.

Inspired to make a change for themselves, their family, friends and the wider community, ASYANA embarked on a journey to create a sunless tan that used natural, gentle and safety tested ingredients while still reducing the damaging effects from UV rays.

ASYANA contains only the finest fruit, plant and botanical extracts. The formulation is alcohol and paraben preservative free – important steps in ensuring the products are as gentle and effective as possible.

As the product range was further refined and developed, the team made a remarkable discovery. When people applied the sunless tan, not only was their skin bronzed and hydrated, they also felt great!

As the product was tested on friends, colleagues and regular sunless tanners, the same thing happened! Not only did everyone look bronzed and beautiful. they felt beautiful, confident and alive!

What an amazing discovery. Asyana, was so much deeper than just a tan. It is a tan that creates beautiful skin that leaves you feeling hydrated, healthy and alive. And it contains all natural ingredients!

This became the premise of Asyana, its products and its greater vision.


As part of this journey, ASYANA wanted to go deeper than that.

ASYANA┬áis committed to donating a percentage of all proceeds to UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Fund) – a charity dedicated to improving the lives of children around the world.

ASYANA… Love for self

Asyana trademark is owned by Asyana Pty Ltd whose Director is Fabiola Gomez.